Hello, I am Aditi. I wish to spread love and light by lifting the dark veil over mental health issues. Care to join me on my journey?

I have a Master of Science degree in Health/Medical Psychology from the University of Hyderabad. I also have two peer-reviewed research papers to my credit. I have interned and worked in the very-reputed Global Hospital, Hyderabad and  in Dhanvantari Hyagreev Healthcare, Bengaluru.

I have been working with high school students since the past two years to ease their academic anxiety and enable them to identify their life’s calling. I design workshops for high school students aged 13-18 which consists of powerpoint presentations, interactive sessions, self-help tools as well as individual reports analysed by me with regards to their levels of academic anxiety, abilities, attittude towards education, intelligence quotient, depression, study habits, interests etc.