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What are your thoughts on birth control? leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

The book I’m loving at the moment: The old money book


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22 thoughts on “WEEKLY WEISHEIT: 9th MAY, 2018

  1. On a larger picture, population control helps our human race to have sustainability of natural resources.

    • Great. Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts! Really appreciate it!! Any unpleasant side effects from the patches?

  2. Birth control does help the parents to be get prepared mentally for the huge change. But wat about the mothers? Do they get that much independence to choose what they want.

    • Very well said! And you have asked a very thought provoking question miss bagga! The choice of the mother is often neglected as is her physical and more so her mental well being. Very few people take it into consideration!

    • Thanks a lot for the nomination. I’m truly humbled. I will be sure to check it out. Have a good day!

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