(Guest Post by Gabriel Suppiah and Vrinda Rayam)

Hey guys, today’s post features the journey of Score Campus and throws light on it’s annual summer camp that I’m sure you’d love to send your kids to once you’re done reading this post.

So get ready to voyage while you peruse:



So let’s get down to talking about your kids and how we can work together.

We are not here to talk about teaching. We are here to talk about coaching. What is coaching or who is a coach? A coach is a person who creates teachable moments. A coach is a person who understands the child and tailors a success plan based on his or her individual needs. This is absolutely not an easy process. Along with great coaching, we believe that every child should separate himself/herself from his/her parents for at least 5-7 days in a year to rediscover the purpose of their lives.

How can this be achieved? 

The Next Level Camp by Score Campus is where children will get to experience an emotional journey in a way that they will be able to connect with the coaches. It will be an experience that they will never forget. This experience is for them to have the realization to strive for greater good and always think with their hearts than otherwise.

The Purpose : Children are great and they have so much to offer to us. However, their energy, more than often, is drained due to stress and academic pressures. THE NEXT LEVEL is where this greatness in every child/camper/leader comes alive!

The Vision: The vision is simple. Good kids become great, and families come together for an awesome experience. We cannot ask for more!

Methodology: We want an environment where idea and inspiration can flow naturally. We want them to feel victorious and joyful. We want them to feel that they can do anything in the world as long as they put their minds to it. We want them to realise that “Success is not about what you can do, but what you will do!” How do we achieve this?

The element of surprise and the belief that the individual will find a way to adapt and thrive in the toughest of situations are keys to success here. Parents are sworn to secrecy – to not let their kids know what happens at our camps!


This will be the most powerful experience that your child and you, the parent, could go through and we promise that you will remember it for the rest of your lives. The great thing about the camp is not just about the message or the experience, but also the people. The relationship that is born between the leaders, parents and the coaches is what makes them come back year after year!

Therefore Score Campus presents you, THE NEXT LEVEL CAMP! (You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to checkout the camp details)


(A little insight into who we are and what we do)

Score Campus was not born because of the need to change the educational system or anything big like that. The first order of the day was to go back home alive because the learning environment in which Score Campus was given birth to, was a tough one. In our first classroom in Corsicana, Texas, we had 51 teenagers who believed that violence and drugs were the way to go in life. Their families were torn apart; gunshots everywhere on a daily basis and drugs were a way of life.

This was my first classroom and going back home alive was the most important outcome of the day. Out of 12 educators, 11 quit in the first 5 minutes. It was down to my professor and me and we went in (Actually, I went in reluctantly. He was excited!) pretty much feeling that there may be no tomorrow. We had guns pointed at us almost every day for the first 3 weeks and we had 2 drive-by shootings in the first year.

That experience by itself has enough material to write a book so let us get ahead towards the outcome. The boys were 15 years of age and the task that was given to us was to get them back into school and show them the right path. 48 out of the 51 kids went back to school and believed in leading a good life and to date, that remains our best results from an experience. I was in love.


What was the method? What was the madness behind the method? The answer was simple. Stop focusing on books, homework, tests, syllabi, classroom, attendance and START paying attention to the students. We all say it, but only when the environment allows it, can we really practice. Thus, Score Campus was born. An Incubation space where the focus was on the student and everything else was tailored. Students thrived under this method and we kept innovating. With the innovations and new experiences, we got to work with students internationally and the outcomes were similar. They loved the space, the approach and the people.

The innovation in learning taught us that we needed to focus on 3 key areas of development:

  1. Independent Learning
  2. 21stCentury Skills Development
  3. Personal and Leadership Mastery

And now, the travelling educators of Singapore have landed in India and it has been a blast so far. Score Campus is built not to show people a new method but to show the very definition of what learning is all about. India is in for a treat and…

We believe that parents are the vested parties in a child’s life and we are here to work hand-in-hand with them for the betterment of their children.

Thus, we at Score Campus  proudly present to you, THE NEXT LEVEL CAMP!

(Camp commences in the first week of May, so hurry!!!)

It’s 8 components are as follows:

  1. Element of surprise
  2. Objective driven
  3. Responsive Coaching
  4. Face your Fears
  5. Extreme Adventures
  6. Experiential Learning
  7. Transformational Peak Performance
  8. Camp Relationship

If you are interested to enroll your child into our summer camp, please do go through the details mentioned below:

Contact name: Vrinda Rayam, Dean of Academics, India
Contact number: +91 8072406749
Address: 32, 33, Beach Main Road, AGS Colony, Kotivakkam, Chennai – 600041.
Do hit us up for the best experience your child can have. 
Peace out..


        • It is still going to be hot in winter. So you’ll have to brace yourself. My top recommendations: Chennai, mahabalipuram’s rock cut temples, madurai Meenakshi, tanjavur bruhadeeswara temple, darasuram temple, pondicherry aurobindo aashram and auroville.

          • The mother mirra alfassa’s room is opened for public on just 2 days a year. February 21st and November 17th. I have had the good fortune to avail darshan this February.

  1. That’s a brilliant initiative and makes me wish I was still child so that I could have also benefited from this great opportunity! Blessed are those kids!

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