HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Holi!

You can read about the significance behind Holika Dahan here: Holika Dahan

A glimpse into my Holi:



Image result for holika dahan story

Happy Holi Everyone!!!


A big thank you to Mr. Sampath Chandra for making my Holi so memorable!!!


44 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh yes it was miss rysie! If you ever visit India, visit during holi.. I’m sure your kids will enjoy it..

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. It brought me to yours and this fascinating post. Why one of your other commenters thinks they would be thrown out of the UK for having a bonfire I don’t know. We have bonfires, particularly on 5 November but that commemoration is historical not spiritual. Just have your bonfire in an appropriate place and at an appropriate time.

        • Oh yes it is fun. And mouthwatering goodies too.. I hope you had an amazing Chinese new year!! I hope this year bestows upon you loads of prosperity, health and happiness!!

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