So now there’s that.

This should serve as a wakeup call to all mental health practioners as well as all those experiencing signs and symptoms of depression to never make light of the situation.

Treating depression is not all that hard, which I can personally vouch for from my (very insignificant) experience. But treating it properly is the very need of the hour!!

Prescribing the correct kind of antidepressants as well as ensuring adherence to therapies and daily journal entries is of Paramount importance. I guess this is the way forward in preventing it from becoming a global disability!!

What are your thoughts about treating depression? Let me know in the comments section down below..

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  1. Brief but very informative post.In view of alarming rising of Depression among people. such posts are the need of the hour.Since i am a not a qualified medical practionerer, i would reserve my comments on this sensitive subject.
    But i wud like to see more of such posts guiding a layman as what shud be done to get out of depression and what is the surest sign that somebody is suffering from Depression.!!

    Thank you Aditi for sharing this post.

    • Sir I will write a post differentiating various types of depression and what type of treatment is required.

  2. ADs work, as many renowned psychologists hold. Keeping a journey is a good practice to begin understanding how the mind works.

    Disaster happens when pills are made a business and the root of the problem is ignored, intentionally or ignorantly.

    • Well said Mr. Parikshit. Disaster also strikes when people self medicate or do not follow the prescribed dosage and tapering off process.. More often than not, these people are educated and yet, don’t adhere.. Guess The need of the hour is an awareness campaign..

    • Welcome to thepsychogrok. I’m so glad you liked this post. Yes I will most certainly do a post dedicated to stress and depression for my younger friends like yourself.. I do however have one on academic anxiety and study habits, which I encourage you to check out..

  3. The symptoms are the same but there is a vast difference from being depressed and depression. Being depressed is emotional/psychological but depression is rooted in the physiological as chemical imbalances in the brain create dysfunction in emotional balance.

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