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Here is a compilation of things that are absolute must haves on your shopping list (could also be a window shopping list) after a carved wooden statue of Udupi Krishna of course:

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  1. Pan kuti : Stone mortar and pestle for some freshly pounded spices to add that extra zing to your food

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2. Kad Golu: Buttermilk churner. This is what Lord Krishna holds in his hand in Udupi.

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3. Jagante: Traditional Madhwa Bell. Used just before the Aarti is performed so as to send out a message to one and all to assemble for and witness the Aarti. A Kad Golu is used to pound on it.

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4. Taalla: The quintessential accompaniment while singing Bhajans.

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5. Illage: Chopping tool of Udupi’s masterchefs

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6. Allagunemani: Traitional South Indian Board game

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7. Banana Chips: Need I say anything more? Grab yourself a packet

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8. Nendran Balle Halwa: A sweet dish made from a specific kind of banana. I dont favor sweets, but I’m particularly partial to this one.

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9. Udupi Cotton Handloom Sarees: For a second skin feel during the hot and humid Udupi weather.

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10. Udupi Jasmine flowers: For some Hair decor. It’s fragrance also cures a tension induced headache.

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Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading.

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    • Thank you so much sir!! Please do add to the list.. I have only mentioned a handful of things that are most easily available and affordable..

    • Thank you. Please feel free to add to the list. These are just a few most affordable and easily available things..

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