The Paryaya procession commences from a village known as Jodukatte , prior to which the new Paryaya saint has a holy dip in the Danda Tirtha. The procession commenced at 3:30 AM on the 18th of January. (Previous post: WHERE WE WENT: PALIMARU PARYAYA)

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The procession is very grand and is truly enthralling. This year 15 tableaux and over 60 cultural troops participated in the procession. The following are pictures of the tableaux:

  1. The Bhasmasura Mohini:

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2. The Samudra Manthana:

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3. The Chanura Mardhana:

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4. Kalinga Mardhana: (End of the monster in snake form)

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5. Krishna Leele:

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6. Purusha Mruga: (Deer-Human)

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7. Bhuvaraha: (sorry no picture)

8. Dashavatara:

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9. Huli Vesha:

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10. Nagavalli: (sorry no clear picture available)

11. Pancha Vrindavana:

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12. Sri Vadiraja: (sorry no picture, but here is an image of how the tableux looked)

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13. Sri Bhootaraja:

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14. Hanumadvilasa:

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15. Brahmarambika Vilasa:

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The “Paryaya Peetharohana” (ascension to the Peetha i.e. Pooja and Administrative duties of the Krishna Temple) began at 6:30 and the Durbar Program in the Rajangana (A hall that can comfortably seat upto 5000 folks) commenced at 7AM. Here’s what it looked like:


I hope you liked this picture filled post. thanks for reading!

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    • Yes indeed it was truly amazing!! More posts on Paryaya to follow all through this week.. Thanks a lot for writing in!!

  1. Wonderful. Truly a grand procession and enthralling. The tableaux are depictive and colourful. Nice coverage. Keep it up.

  2. That was a really cool think to see in pictures. To witness it in person was probably amazing. Indian culture is always so over the top. The weddings take a week. Now this? It’s amazing! Fantastic ways to celebrate.

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