Awesome Blogger Award

Hardly a week into the year and Miss Beth has nominated me for THE AWESOME BLOGGER award. *I have a good feeling about 2018 already.*


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While I don’t normally answer general questions posed to me by other bloggers I will have to make an exception for her (SHE IS TRULY AWESOME!). Thank you so much for this honor.

Here are my answers to your rapid 10 Miss Beth:

  1. Three words to Describe your blog?-  Psyche-Literacy, Wellness, Positivity.
  2. What would you name your boat if you had one?- Well I actually suffer from sea-sickness but if i owned one i would probably name it “SHODHAK” (a combination of my parents names, also means “the freer of sins, guilt and burden of misdeeds”).
  3. Five words to describe you?- patient, caring, neurotic, positive and a dilettante.
  4. Most interesting thing you have seen/ read this week?- It was Makar Sankranti in India yesterday and I saw a monkey playing with a kite. The sight just cracked me up.
  5. They’re creating a movie on your life, who plays you?- ME! (insert drama queen pun of your choice)
  6. Favorite blog you’ve read today and would recommend?- Miss Rysie
  7. As  a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?- I know this one sounds a bit cheesy, but I have the ‘mom-gene’. I just wanted to grow up and be a good mom (which i hope to be sometime in the near future)
  8. Favorite joke/pun?- “Arguing mindlessly for everything is like trying to kill the mosquito sitting on your cheek- you may or may not kill it, but you for sure will end up slapping yourself!!”
  9. Positive motto for 2018?- “Be grateful! Don’t take things for granted”
  10. Your top tip for blog inspiration?- Look around and within. Combine both and pen it down.

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My questions to the following awesome bloggers are the same as Miss Beth’s:

  1. Mr. Krishna Chaitanya
  2. Miss ChimDelu
  3. Miss Laura
  4. stylethatright
  5. Arooba

I hope you’ll like this post. It sort of gives you a peek into my mind. Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

You can connect with me on twitter here: thepsychogrok

thepsychogrok now has over 2400 subscribers from 85+ countries. Thank you so much my lovely readers for this kind of response. It truly means the world to me!



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    • That’s so sweet of you. Yes, I will for sure continue writing. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment.

  1. Aditi,if you like,you may also see my post of 9jan-Sunshine Blogger Awards and give your feedback on 11 questions answered by me.
    Hv a great time and be happy!

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