So, the other day a friend of mine asked me this question: “Who Am I?”.

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And my reaction was as follows:

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This Question got me thinking.  So who am I?

As I sit in silence and introspect, my mind begins answering my query. And here’s what I could come up with:

“Well, I am 25, female, slim, relatively fair complexioned, petite and a psychotherapist with a fairly good sense of humour.” The stream of thought ended there.
Then I ask myself:
Is that really all I am? Pat comes another answer from my mind: I have a good work ethic, I try to work for the benefit of society, and I have a lot of integrity.
After this stream of thought, I recalled Ramana Maharishi’s quote “who am I? Not the body because its decaying, not the mind because the brain will decay with the body, not the personality, nor the emotions, for these also will perish with death”.
Then I realise with horror that the points I have mentioned above as to who I am,  will all perish in the blink of an eye from the moment I die. So what then can I say about who I am?
I am an identity. An identity that will remain long after my body ceases to exist. I am that, who will be remembered for my work and what I have given back to society.
E.g. You say Dr. Kalam and we instantly think Pokhran-2. You say Shakespeare and we remember his work and how it never fails to entertain us even to this day, not the person himself.
So now I can say with conviction:
“I am Aditi and I design workshops for high school students. I am striving to be that psychotherapist that India needs in these stressful , uncertain times. I am that person who firmly believes that our children are our future and am trying to do my bit so our demographic dividend doesn’t turn into a demographic disaster!!”
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Shoutout to Mr. Sairam for asking me this rather intriguing yet self-dissolving question.

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36 thoughts on “WHO AM I?

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to go through the post. I am very happy that you find it simple and easy to read.

  1. Maybe I am who I cannot not be, maybe my feelings will perish away but maybe they make me who I am. Maybe who I am is another rhetorical question. Or maybe I is not a single entity,maybe I am just a bundle of energies trying to figure ‘I’out, or maybe ‘I’ is dissolved in the question itself or maybe I am who I cannot define, or maybe I am an identity as you said. Maybe?

  2. Yes. We are what we leave behind. Only then are we someone. Shakespeare is a good example. Every biography I’ve read describes his life as very normal. A husband, parent, householder involved in everyday affairs. But his works describe a very different person.

    • Yes indeed. That’s a great answer. Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Really appreciate it!

  3. The conclusion precipitates a situation where the questioner dissolved. Ever since dr. Jakyll ducked to release mr.hyde in every human being, or vice versa, the conundrum continued. It’s also inspired fiction like Robert Ludlum’s ‘bourne Identity’. Guess that the old Indian view that the question appears with the onset of ‘sanyasa’ post vanaprasthasram, prevails. Maybe the young psychogrok should wait until then?

  4. Great perspective. I’ve been meaning to do what you did – sit down with a piece of paper and figure out the answer to this for a while now. I think your post motivated me to actually DO IT! On my list for the weekend.

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