So in my previous post I had waxed eloquent on the topic of HOW AND WHY GRATITUDE MAKES YOU A HAPPIER and HEALTHIER PERSON. That got me thinking that we should practice what we preach, and so I have come up with own list of people to whom I’ll be forever indebted to. Here’s my list:

srikanth dharmavaram 20171231_161933-1178865258..jpg

My Guru: For introducing me to the wonders of Indian Philosophy. It has enabled me to view life from various perspectives.


Dr. G. Padmaja: Asst. Professor at the University of Hyderabad. My Thesis Guide, On-campus Mom and All-around Rockstar. Thank you for recognizing and encouraging my potential at a time when I was feeling down in the dumps.


Sanket Upasani: Director, Partner Galaxy Advertising and Editor-in-chief ‘Shodh Bodh’. It is truly because of you that I can call myself a writer/columnist today.



Mrs. Lakshmi: It is because of you that my house doesn’t resemble Miss Havisham’s! Huge Thank you.

sravya nz 20171111_203551-357272705..jpg

Sravya: For giving me the joy of being a Masi. Thanks for being in my life.

abhishek rc re 20180102_181222-1209839536..jpg

Abhishek: Thank you for being the brother I always wanted.


Yashaswi: Soul brother and foul weather friend. Thank you for patiently hearing me out day in and day out as i crib about random nonsense!


Guddu Bhai: For all the Gyaan he fills my head with and for all the times he’s made me laugh hysterically for no particular reason.


Ananya: For being as amazed with my blog posts as she is with this hot fudge sundae. Thank you baby sis!


Abhinav: For having immense faith in my abilities. Thank you! All the very best at Cracking UPSC..


Polu: For Forcing me out of “my cave”, and into the civillization every once in a while.


Chaya: Thank you for your unconditional support.


My Parents: For doing everything they do, so I can aimlessly meander through life having all the fun.


My lovely readers: A big shoutout to each and every reader from all the 85 countries for reading my blog posts. It is truly because of you that thepsychogrok is what it is today!


And I am so thankful to God for everything that I have mentioned above, and also for everything that I have not.

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Picture Credits: Please check out Koduru Sudheer



  1. Ideally you need to put in a standard line that persons not named is only due to space and time constraints… that you intend to cover every person, pet and non living thing that had the slightest association with you. However, you covered your parents, and that’s divine gratitude.

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