Differentiating a Burnout from Depression

Most people (young and old alike) these days tell me, “nothing makes me happy, feels like I’m slipping into a state of depression”.

With their hectic and demanding schedules it leaves little time for anything else other than their jobs. However before one diagnoses oneself with depression, its of Paramount important to gain an insight into the concept of “Burnout”.

By definition a Burnout is “the experience of long-term exhaustion and a diminished interest, especially with regards to one’s career”.

Depression is “a state of mood characterized by aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being. It is consistent i.e. change of environment doesn’t necessarily elevate one’s mood”

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Please check out the following link to the article by Miss Nichole and enlighten yourselves further:



14 thoughts on “Differentiating a Burnout from Depression

  1. Great point. It looks like everything is labeled “depression” nowadays. You know, it is OK to feel sad sometimes. Or not wanting to do things. It does not mean you’re “depressed” per se.

  2. Burnout gives you another chance to rise but depression holds you more down until help comes by itself because you will never think of having a chance to rise😍nice post

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