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I am Ananya Rajendra Joshi and this is my story:

I am a lover of all things creative and art. Since childhood I have been fascinated with all the different colors, patterns, shapes, sizes and the various things which aid in materializing our imagination. As I grew up I discovered the joys of immersing myself in art as a form of therapy to bust my stress. Handcrafting terracotta and ceramic has been my passion

since a few years and I love the satisfied look on my client’s faces when they receive their order made in accordance with their brief.

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So people have asked me, why did you choose pottery and ceramics?

To this I can proudly say, “Earthenware in the Indian subcontinent enjoys the status of being one of the most iconic tangible elements of art, since pottery from the Indus Valley civilization has survived until this day”. The invention of the ever-so-important Potter’s Wheel in the Mesopotamian civilization pioneered modern pottery as we know it today.

India, where I come from has a special community known as the ‘Kumbhars’ who are expert potters. Pottery today is a dying art form since in its conventional form it fails to catch the eye of the millennial. Due to this fact, the Kumbhars of India are ditching their skill-intensive jobs in favor of more remunerative professions.

My aim is to modify the eco-friendly art of pottery to cater to the tastes of the modern population. A millennial is more attracted to the appeal of the product in terms of its appearance instead of utility. My idea is to make it visually appealing while retaining its functionality, at the same time being environment conscious and these are the pieces I create.

Through my social media page “The Earthen Aphrodite” I wish to encourage people to invest in handcrafted terracotta or a ceramic art so as to empower the entire community of the kumbhars, so they don’t abandon their skillful trade. I also give away my pieces of art to companies and MNCs to raise money and donate to NGOs as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In the near future, once I graduate from law school I would like to teach people, especially young girls from economically deprived backgrounds the fine art of molding clay so they can have a better quality of life by selling eco-friendly utilitarian art that catches the eye of the modern millennial.


Now posts of this nature are a little different from the content on my mental wellness niche website. But, this deserves special mention since Miss Joshi is India’s semi finalist in the finale of the global platform of Living Talent to be held in Dubai on the 15th and 16th December, 2017. My words to Miss Joshi are: “You go girl! Make us proud”!!!

Please check out her Instagram page: ‘the earthen aphrodite‘ and show her some love.. Have a good day everyone!



  1. Beautiful creation.It really saddens me too that our so skilled potters go unappreciated and doesn’t get a wage enough to make living. So much talent yet they have to change their profession 😔

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