Antidepressants: the undependable quick fix.

Hey everyone, many people turn to antidepressants as a quick fix to deal with negative thoughts. Last month, I had a young 18 year old patient asking me for antidepressant medication to combat sadness. This is what i told him,

“Antidepressants are not to be thought of as a quick fix to feel happy. They take a fair amount of time to kick in and what they mostly do is to enable you to think clearly. Popping a pill most certainly is not like flipping a switch on for inducing happy thoughts. Besides, weaning a person off an antidepressant drug is much the same as with any case of substance abuse/addiction, so they should not be trivialized”.

Please do check out the following link on antidepressants and share it with all your near and dear ones.


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