So in the recent past, the concept of NO-SHAVE-NOVEMBER has taken the internet by storm. It is basically a web-based NPO devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research and education by letting hair grow wild and free (which cancer patients lose during treatment) and donating the saved grooming expenses. This year let us (as a mental wellness community) have a NO-QUICK FIX-NOVEMBER dedicated to highlight the harmful long-term effects of quick fixes and seek helpful alternatives for them. A wise man once said that ‘charity begins at home’, and in my opinion to do good we must first ensure that we are able to do ourselves some good.

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The mission: NO QUICK FIX FOR 30 DAYS

  1. Please think of and note down that quick fix which you can’t do without. Could be anything from your morning cup of coffee, to your evening peg of alcohol.
  2. Read a little on the cons of your quick fix and highlight why you want to give it up.
  3. Highlight the pros of going without your quick fix.
  4. Mark the date on your calendar with a cross every time for everyday that you go without your quick fix. Count each day as a victory and don’t fret about the days when you had a weak moment and couldn’t do without the quick fix.
  5. Just have fun!!

All posts in November will be dedicated to tackling quick fixes. Please leave your requests and recommendations in the comments section down below or you can drop an email at thepsychogrok@gmail.com. Thank you!



    • Oh I am glad you noticed And liked it. Thank you so much. Took me a while to hunt it down! Stay tuned for this Saturday’s No Quick Fix November post.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for November’s posts. All of them will be dealing with quick fixes.

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